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Hardware requirements

  • non AVX AMD/Intel CPU 2.3Gh+
  • Recommended: AVX,AVX2/FMA3 compatible AMD/Intel CPU 2.3Ghz+, HT off

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I started to work for distributed computing in 1997 with's RC5-56 project. Afterwards I took part in a lot of projects. In 2002 I...


out of 25-100k sievefiles
There are no more 25-100k sievefiles left except R7 and S66. I will start soon 100-300k ranges outside average apps. 15 Aug 2018, 20:47:27 UTC · Comment

expected downtime on 01.08. (done)
Due some changes on the infrastructure of my cable provider there are some disconnections from 0-6am (GMT+1) on 1st of August. 29 Jul 2018, 19:11:13 UTC · Comment

Short outage today (done)
To update some things the server will be unavailable for a short time. 20 Jul 2018, 6:47:49 UTC · Comment

base R579 proven
On 24th of May, JD2K, a member of the team Gridcoin found the last prime for base R579.
The prime 104*579^222402-1 has 614428 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database.

Good job!
2 Jun 2018, 15:04:08 UTC · Comment

Domain issues
Anyhow the connection was lost to the domain, the server was still running, I did an update for the domain / IP and all is back online. 3 May 2018, 5:44:04 UTC · Comment

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