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Hardware requirements

  • non AVX AMD/Intel CPU 2.3Gh+
  • Recommended: AVX,AVX2/FMA3 compatible AMD/Intel CPU 2.3Ghz+, HT off

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short server outage today (done)
I need to install some important updates. The server will not be available for a short time. 17 Mar 2019, 10:30:42 UTC · Comment

base R759 proven
On 25th of February, seyc found the last prime for base R759.
The prime 34*759^266676-1 has 768093 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database.

Good job!
16 Mar 2019, 9:35:19 UTC · Comment

base S6 Megaprime
On 19th of January, vanos0512, a member of the team BOINC@Taiwan has found a megaprime 124125*6^2018254+1 for base S6. The prime has 1.570.512 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database.

Well done!
27 Feb 2019, 17:56:01 UTC · Comment

small server config change
I have added

to the server config. This means if a result is over the deadline it has 48h more time to report before a new replication is created and sending out. Lets see if its working. Thx to marmot for the hint. 16 Feb 2019, 11:53:59 UTC · Comment

SRBase - 4 years review
The project has passed the fourth year.

Compared with last years the following process was made:

2014-2015 - 87M WUs processed, 1 base solved, 314 bases unstarted
2015-2016 - 88M WUs processed, 5 bases solved, 297 bases unstarted
2016-2017 - 99M WUs processed, 5 bases solved, 282 bases unstarted
2017-2018 - 75M WUs processed, 1 base solved, 264 bases unstarted
in total - 349M WUs processed, 12 bases solved, 264 bases unstarted

The project is now more working on a recommended bases list included by the project goals.
17 Nov 2018, 9:39:18 UTC · Comment

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