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Hardware requirements

  • non AVX AMD/Intel CPU 2.3Ghz+
  • Recommended: AVX,AVX2/FMA3 compatible AMD/Intel CPU 2.3Ghz+, HT off


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Greetings from Prague! :-)


Formula BOINC project 23.10. 05:00 (UTC) - 26.10. 04:59 (UTC)
Good luck to everyone for a lucky hit of a TOP5000 prime maybe solving a base with CPU or running Trial Factoring with GPU.

Welcome to all of our new users. Before you start take a look into the FAQ section.

There will be 2 times a day a short outage for backing up the database. You will have enough work in this time. The max_wus_in_progress for CPU is 50 per core and 80 for GPU.
22 Oct 2020, 17:54:11 UTC · Comment

Trial Factoring 72-73 range reached
The first 100k batch is uploading in the 100M range for 72-73bit. After the server load is reduced by finishing the last 900M range batch there will be more work. Pls note there was a typo of the batch 886-994M batch, must be 886-934M.

Take care of the runtimes. The latest 72-73 batch need around 24min on a RT5500XT, this is a factor 16 from the last 71-72 batch with around 1min30s.
18 Oct 2020, 9:03:43 UTC · Comment

base S406 proven / Megaprime
On 06th of September,, a member of the team Gridcoin found the last prime for base S406.
The prime 100*406^543228+1 has 1.417.027 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database.
30 Sep 2020, 18:47:59 UTC · Comment

planned server outage tomorrow (done)
Some postponed updates need to be installed. The server will not be available in this time (~10-20min) 15 Jul 2020, 8:52:16 UTC · Comment

base S443 Megaprime
On 26th of May, CharityEngine1, a member of the team Gridcoin has found a Megaprime 166*443^432000+1 for base S443. The prime has 1.143.249 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database. 17 Jun 2020, 18:25:58 UTC · Comment

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