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Message 3299 - Posted: 18 Mar 2017, 10:53:46 UTC

I had some spare time the last few days and was wondering if I can increase the performance of my 6700k without OC, so I tried different combinations of HT on/off and useage of a different amount of cores. Therefore I tested each combination for around 3 hours (computer was not used during the tests) with Sierpinski / Riesel Base v0.18. I know that the test duration is not too long but I guess for a short analysis it's good enough.

- Windows 10 Home x64
- Intel i7 6700k (4.2GHz each core)
- 16 GB DDR4 RAM 3000MHz

Here are my results:

HT off, 4 cores:
CPU Time: 69-70.8s (avg. 70.9s)
Runtime: 79.3-81.8 (avg. 80.1s)
Avg. WUs per hour: 179.77

HT on, 4 cores:
CPU Time: 79.9-80.7s (avg. 80.3s)
Runtime: 83.5-85.6s (avg 84.1s)
Avg. WUs per hour: 171.22

HT on, 5 cores:
CPU Time: 89.8-90.4s (avg. 90.1s)
Runtime: 98.1-101.1s (avg. 99.0s)
Avg. WUs per hour: 181.82

HT on, 6 cores:
CPU Time: 100.0s-101.6s (avg. 100.9s)
Runtime: 109.4s-111.1s (avg. 110.2s)
Avg. WUs per hour: 196,0

HT on, 7 cores:
CPU Time: 110.6s-110.8s (avg. 110.7s)
Runtime: 117.4s-119.9s (avg. 118.2s)
Avg. WUs per hour: 213.20

HT on, 8 cores:
CPU Time: 121.6s-122.2s (avg. 122.0s)
Runtime: 129.8s-131.6s (avg. 130.9s)
Avg. WUs per hour: 220.02

Avg. WUs per hour are calculated by:
1/(avg. time) * cores * 3600[/b]

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Message boards : Number crunching : Hyperthreading

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