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DescriptionWelcome to TeAm AnandTech! Here you will find plenty of great folks who would be glad to help you with the technical side of setting up and running distributed computing applications. You will find people who are more passionate about numbers than some mathematicians. You will find a great community who enjoy having [slightly] off topic discussions and helping each other immensely in real life. Some projects look outward into space, to look for extraterrestrial life, pulsars, and other things. Others look around, to chart the development of life on the planet, or predict future weather patterns. Yet others look inward, to analyze the structure of atoms, molecules, or proteins. Each project can have a great impact on the development of science in its area, and you can help!
Created20 Dec 2014
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Total credit352,133,352
Recent average credit3,910,787
Sierpinski / Riesel Base credit3,136,321 total (101998 tasks)
Riesel Base credit7,239,824 total (181692 tasks)
Sierpinski Base credit4,652,081 total (192819 tasks)
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - short credit2,191,094 total (63347 tasks)
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - long credit12,462,935 total (2360 tasks)
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - average credit8,787,510 total (19750 tasks)
Riesel Base - short credit3,225,279 total (121099 tasks)
Sierpinski Base - short credit4,533,491 total (75563 tasks)
TF credit305,785,188 total (443383 tasks)
Founder Profile TAC
New members in last day0
Total members20 (view)
Active members10 (view)
Members with credit19 (view)

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