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Hardware requirements

  • non AVX AMD/Intel CPU 2.3Ghz+
  • Recommended: AVX,AVX2/FMA3/AVX512 compatible AMD/Intel CPU 2.3Ghz+, HT off

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The server / project is restarted now
There is a slow progress from rehab but not happy with the results yet. All of the recovering is very slowly with restrictions.

The RAM was tested in the first run and looking ok.

I will test some work too.

I really missed the last pentathlon. Hoping to finish the TF range of GIMPS work too.
11 Jun 2024, 15:27:16 UTC · Comment

server shutdown on 20.05.
In absence and rehab the project will be shutdown for a month to recover.

A full restart is planned after that if nothing else occured.

If you want to contact me in this time Iam still reached in discord forums.

Many thanks for understanding!
7 May 2024, 17:51:13 UTC · Comment

project update
After returning from the hospital after a stroke, there has been a little progress with health. in 3 weeks a rehab is planned.

project updates so far:

- cert update
- gimps reserved results have all been reported
- server backup

still to be done...

2 results still need to be reported
RAM check as planned since 2 weeks

Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes, I wish everything would be better, maybe we'll be back at full speed in a month
1 May 2024, 6:30:22 UTC · Comment

Server crash
The server crashed due a memory leak. The database was corrupt so restored from todays backup, it was expected but need to investigate which was causing this. wanted to fix this in 3d but came earlier. 7 Apr 2024, 14:56:42 UTC · Comment

base S165 Megaprime
[P3D] Crashtest found a member of the team Planet 3DNow! found a megaprime for base S165
The prime 1486*165^497431+1 has 1.103.049 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database. 1k is left
7 Apr 2024, 14:54:22 UTC · Comment

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