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1) Message boards : News : Trial Factoring - new subproject (beta) (Message 6104)
Posted 10 Apr 2020 by Speedy51
It's always been like that from the start. Only difference now is the amount of time it takes to actually complete after it hits 100%. By far worse on AMD than NVIDIA. I think NVIDIA is pretty accurate as it looks like it tracks time properly with Progress Bar.

I thinks it's a good idea to put hat info out there so people don't abort. I knew that it was doing work still as my I look at my GPU utilization before doing anything drastic like aborting them after running for so long.

Also, is there ckeckpoints? If I have a power issue or have to reboot do I loose my current work up to that time or is there a checkpoint saved for it to go back to?

I think you will find some of this information as already detailed in Frequently Asked Questions
2) Message boards : News : Trial Factoring - new subproject (beta) (Message 6079)
Posted 10 Apr 2020 by Speedy51
How long will the tasks be and how much will the tasks weigh my GPU? Like if they are very taxing or they're moderate or they're light.

1h+ with 99%

I would just like to give an update on how long it takes to run a task on a Windows machine. It took 3 hours 13 mins and 33 seconds of runtime to complete GPU72_77-78_batch1_wu_3738_3 On a RTX 2070

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