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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Message from server: NVIDIA GPU..... (Message 7419)
Posted 13 Mar 2021 by Frank [RKN]
Hi, since a few days i get this message :
13.03.2021 10:41:35 | SRBase | Nachricht vom Server: NVIDIA GPU: Auf die neuesten Treiber aktualisieren, um die GPU dieses Computers nutzen zu k├Ânnen.
(Message from server: NVIDIA GPU: Update to the latest drivers to use this computer's GPU.)

SRBase is the only project with such message, the wu's run like always, 0 errors or problems with validation.
I think i can ignore it - but where do it comes from ?
Such red error-messages in the BoincManager always make me a bit nervous... ;-)

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