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1) Message boards : News : A bad day happened (Message 9171)
Posted 18 Oct 2023 by Profile alphaaurigae
Only read about your accident now. While i Haven't been crunching srbase recently know ill be back when i get new hardware.
Meanwhile, very best for your recovery verymuch indeed.

In 2018 i had a crazy accident that left me paralyzed on one foot, for almost 4 years.

It was a lot of work to recover which is almost done completely by now but my point is, its very challenging situation if you can't move - the beginning is the hardest part - get over the first months, take it slow - recovery is exponential if everything goes well - sometimes it feels like "this will take forever" - good things take time - which doesent have to be that bad.

I came across a loot of awesome things in that time, things i haven't had on my mind otherwise... Ex studied recipes and took the time to cook real dinners - (thx yt)(made it a habit to eat fresh everyday - almost dodged fastfood entirely which did me well - will serve me forever.)
I read or listened to a lot a of awesome books (audible, love it) and wrote some nice code in that time and lots more ... there can be a lot wisdom and joy even in misery. Theres so much more good which exceeds the scope of a post here..

Get well soon.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : gridcoin not attached (Message 7589)
Posted 20 May 2021 by Profile alphaaurigae
On it asap, thx :)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : gridcoin not attached (Message 7587)
Posted 20 May 2021 by Profile alphaaurigae
Went on IRC after i wrote the post and a day passed with the missing "eligble" checkmark and cpuid string under the gridcoinresearch beacon tab.

While nobody could tell me why its still missing one commentator outlined im possibly good ... its confusing if you dont have routine with it.

Of course my username will be edited back. left the verifcation code for the moment as i still have no clue why only this project doesent get the checkmarks in gridcoinresearch (Was the only one added after the initial beacon.).

Concerning questions i thought its not a big deal, as it wasnt outlined in any other place. Ill remove anything coin related from the profile if thats not welcome (done).
4) Message boards : Number crunching : gridcoin not attached (Message 7583)
Posted 18 May 2021 by Profile alphaaurigae
edited my username to the verification_code ... lets see if this works out! :)

5) Message boards : Number crunching : gridcoin not attached (Message 7581)
Posted 17 May 2021 by Profile alphaaurigae

started mining gridcoin - however, apparently srbase wasnt recognized by the client "not attached" as eligble under the beacon tab. Is there anything i can do to make this work now?

i dont have the beacon verification code anymore and couldnt find an option to regain it. anything else i can do here?
profile email is the same as the gricoinresearch client.

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