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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Suddenly I'm stopped looking for CPU tasks. What am I missing? (Message 6700)
Posted 18 Aug 2020 by Profile MarkRBright

What is the resource share for each Project you are currently running? You said other projects get tasks making me think the other projects need processing time because of the 'resource share' that Boinc is trying to maintain. ie 50% here, 25% at 2 other projects makes 100% crunching time. You can also use 500%, and 250% twice to come up with the same thing.

Good thinking but I knew there was something I forgot to mention. I have the SRBase resource set to 200 and I have one other CPU only Project set to 0 meaning only get jobs when there are no SRBase ones available. This has worked really well for me for ages and hasn't been changed.

I am even more convinced now that this was to do with Virtual Machines - though I can't begin to think how - However as everything is currently working just fine I don't want to tinker with anything so I'll leave things well alone until they go wrong again.

Thnank you for you help folks.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Suddenly I'm stopped looking for CPU tasks. What am I missing? (Message 6697)
Posted 16 Aug 2020 by Profile MarkRBright
Do you have changed something on your config? Does all your hosts are affected?

Nothing changed apart from the VMs that I can think of. Other PCs get SRBase CPU tasks. It's just wierd.

I don't believe it! I just added SRBase (CPU only) to the Win 10 VMs and said go for it and got a single task on each, but when I looked at Boinc on the actual PC it had gotten 700+ SRBase CPU tasks - before i did this it would not get any.

This must be Virtual Machine related., but at the moment I haven't got the time to look into it, but there definitely seems to be some link between the Virtual and The Real! It's all gone a little bit Quantum! ;-)
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Suddenly I'm stopped looking for CPU tasks. What am I missing? (Message 6695)
Posted 15 Aug 2020 by Profile MarkRBright
Curiously, my primary Win 10 workhorse suddenly refuses to look for CPU WUs, and it is driving me a bit mad because I can't work out why.
It simply says in the log file

15/08/2020 10:30:21 | SRBase | Requesting new tasks for NVIDIA GPU

and I cannot see what it is that I have done to stop it looking for CPU tasks. It does get SRBase GPU tasks btw.

I do get CPU tasks for other projects though when I suspend those projects to force SRBase to give me tasks it still won't look for CPU work.
I have checked all preferences in SRBase - They all say Use CPU. I have SubProjects selected for CPU work and there was plenty of tasks.
I have called up the preferences and unchecked and checked the relevant tick boxes just to be sure.
In BoincStats BAM I have selected CPU jobs for SRBase. I also have no Work Preferences set up in there, and my BOINC client has no restriction on CPU - I get other projects CPU work anyway.
Worth saying that I get plenty of TF tasks for SRBase but they are of course GPU tasks.
app_config in projects/SRBase is simple and only restricts SRBase to 11 CPU tasks and 2 GPU tasks. There is nothing in cc_config to cause this.

I can't think what I am missing but I know it is almost bound to be something obvious and embarrassing when I realise what I have done.

This may well be a red herring but I recently started toying with Virtual Machines on this computer and I do have 2 Win 10 and 1 Ubuntu VMs but they just run NCI tasks. Could this be the problem maybe?

I genuinely thought I would get to the end of this post and realise what it was and wouldn't need to post it, but that didn't happen, so who wants to be the one to embarrass me then :-)
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Sudden credit loss (Message 5725)
Posted 26 Feb 2020 by Profile MarkRBright
I'm down a few as well. If you have a moment. Many thanks in advance.

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