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1) Message boards : News : server outage / db crash again (Message 6405)
Posted 17 May 2020 by zlodeck
Hi reb, I see a nightmare was happened again!

Lost credits:
TF: 145000.
SR: 214540

I guess it's time to end the experiment with Win 10 as host system for project server VM. Win 10 as a server is poor solution at all. No good in future, we're waiting for permanent trouble, headache and many ribaldry words only.
Maybe it's worth consider migrating the host OS to Windows Server if You don't wanna roll back to Windows 7 (yeah, not all games can be run, but something is better than nothing). Or buying new (and not so powerful) machine for dedicated boinc server. Of course, both solutions will require additional money. But honestly, I don't see anything better.

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