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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Trial Factoring (Message 7522)
Posted 24 Apr 2021 by MindCrime
This has probably been answered before but i hate boinc forum search, is it possible to select a particular cuda app version? You said earlier that planclass is working i think, can that be used to specify i want cuda100 only?
2) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 GPUs, 2 tasks on one card, not utilizing gpu 1, (Message 7447)
Posted 20 Mar 2021 by MindCrime
looking at these run times and how many watts these 7970s use it doesn't feel like TF is a good app for them. So don't invest much time in helping me.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : 2 GPUs, 2 tasks on one card, not utilizing gpu 1, (Message 7446)
Posted 20 Mar 2021 by MindCrime
I have been successfully crunching milkyway, einstein, collatz.. on a dual HD 7970 machine.

I just got some TF wus, it starts 2, it says one is on device 0 and the other device 1 but only one of the cards has a load on it. the other is idle.

I recently updated my driver so to confirm it wasn't that I suspended SRbase and ran some einstein and both cards are utilized.

The 2 WUs completed successfully, the estimated time, ~1600 seconds, was significantly longer than the actual run time 753 seconds and 758 seconds

As the einstein finished on one card SRbase started 1 wu on that card. That one finished in 250 seconds. I watched the other einstein finish (dev 1), and SRbase did not start a WU on that card. While dev 1 is idle SRbase on dev0 finished, and started another solo.

Im sure someone has tackled this before, I just need someone to point me to the fix.

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