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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Trial factoring help (Message 6142)
Posted 12 Apr 2020 by bfromcolo
RX-480 not supported yet? It's hardly new. I can try those commands later and report back.

I have one of my Linux systems going now, R7-1700x, GTX-1070 and GTX-750ti. After I upped the driver to 435.21 and loaded the Cuda tool kit the tasks stopped failing instantly. A couple things though:

- it is running 2 tasks at a time, but it is running them both on the 1070 and nothing on the 750ti.

- the tasks reached 100% after an hour or so, but now after 4 hours they are still running. Unless you say otherwise I will just let them continue to run.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Trial factoring help (Message 6125)
Posted 11 Apr 2020 by bfromcolo
I have tried this on 3 systems, Windows and Linux. The 16 work units have failed within 3 seconds. No one else has successfully run any of them either based on the task results.

So lets start with Windows, I meet all listed requirements. Trying this on a Ryzen 1600, Win 10 Pro, RX-480 AMD 19.9. And I downloaded and installed MS Visual C++ 2010.

Running mfakto (opencl)
AMD Catalyst 11.4 or higher is required
- if driver < 11.10, install AMD APP SDK 2.5 and make sure
%AMD_APP_DIR%/lib/x86_64 is in the path.
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package for your platform and

All work units failed in seconds.

Stderr output

(unknown error) - exit code 195 (0xc3)</message>
12:09:43 (5468): wrapper (7.5.26012): starting
12:09:43 (5468): wrapper: running mfakto-x64.exe ()
12:09:44 (5468): mfakto-x64.exe exited; CPU time 0.000000
12:09:44 (5468): app exit status: 0xc0000135
12:09:44 (5468): called boinc_finish(195)


Any help would be appreciated.

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