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Message boards : Number crunching : R3_230-240k credit

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Message 592 - Posted: 9 Jan 2015, 22:16:07 UTC - in response to Message 591.
Last modified: 9 Jan 2015, 22:16:46 UTC


I have picked up all 900 R3s and credits were reduced from total and subproject. If you missed something let it me know.

Yes, that might be, but did you give credit of any kind for the work completed? It seems to me that you have reduced credit by 900 but did not give credit by the previously normal 5. That is why users that did not complete any tasks during this time all of a sudden past me. If I am wrong, please explain why BOINCStats shows me as gaining 6 places in a week and loosing 9.

There was a bug that affected the R3 Wu templates somehow. 5cr were normal but gave 900 from my last change for S185 retests. At the current time to let not give any 900 for a WU there the validator is now on credit new.

If you can give me your credit stats from last day before I changed it from a host x and your total stats send me a PM. I will take a look into it.

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Message 594 - Posted: 9 Jan 2015, 22:54:28 UTC

Thanks Rebirther for fixing up my computer totals, all adding up OK now.


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Message boards : Number crunching : R3_230-240k credit

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