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Message 2118 - Posted: 27 Nov 2015, 17:10:27 UTC

The project has passed the first year and made a big jump in processing for the mersenne CRUS project.

There were 87M WUs / 273 bases crunched in different ranges. 1 of the bases was solved. 314 bases are still unstarted and will be processed by mersenne with the srbsieve /newpgen applications. All the efforts are outside of BOINC. Most of the ranges at 25k+ will be processed further in BOINC.

Total k's are still remaining to find a factor. It sounds big but isnt. Only 2 bases R/S280 has the most factors of all bases together. On a single CPU it will take around 250+ years to solve them but in the near future we could start some ranges on these 2 heavy weights and with BOINC and your help it will be decreasing faster as we think.

The main goal of the project is still to have around 20TFLOPs+ computing power.

The source code of the wrapper is available in the forum if you have some improvements. There is still one issue on mac and linux where I have no output in the stderr.txt file.

If you have some wishes or there is something missing in the FAQ let me know.

Whats planned in the future?
To have constantly work for one of the normal / short apps + processing all current available bases with a 200-400k range and 1 factor left.

I thank everyone who made the current success possible.

Happy crunching.

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Message 4434 - Posted: 19 Jun 2018, 21:00:55 UTC - in response to Message 2118.

Where can I see these 280 bases? Just interested.

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Message boards : News : SRBase - 1 year review

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