Linux wrapper suspending task issue
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Message 8928 - Posted: 9 Jun 2023, 14:25:21 UTC

A user has reported an issue with suspending tasks on linux, the WU is running further, the problem seems to be since 2014 with the old wrapper but nobody have seen this yet. This is also the issue during the Pentathlon where some WUs took much longer than expected. After checking some logs the WU restarted after it was already finished.

If you dont run other projects the issue has no affect.

We are trying to fix this as soon as possible.

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Message 8930 - Posted: 10 Jun 2023, 8:34:28 UTC - in response to Message 8928.

I've noticed this repeatedly. Since I often suspend BOINC work to use my system for other things that require both a large amount of RAM and full GPU access this comes up a lot.
I had previously considered it to be a known but unfortunate issue and something that just had to be accepted to run the project. I'm glad it's being looked into.

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Message boards : News : Linux wrapper suspending task issue

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