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Message 9037 - Posted: 14 Sep 2023, 11:49:33 UTC

We have started testing new applications for SRBase on a BOINC test server, which are already used at PG, i.e. PRST is intended to replace llr2. Since there are still some code changes being made, everything is moving around a bit.

What are the advantages of the application?
- no more restrictions on the speed of the Gerbiczcheck (at the moment there is a performance loss of up to 40%)
- native application, no wrapper needed anymore

The following errors from the wrapper are then history:
- restarts of the BOINC client do not reset the CPU time to 0
- linux wrapper suspend issue
- better progress bar
- other general wrapper issues

Running app_config.xml files that are based on llr2 would then have to be readjusted, otherwise errors will occur in the calculations.

A public test will follow, time uncertain.

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Message boards : News : New apps plan

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